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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 22, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america, and breaking now on the massive winter blast. >> holy cow. >> more than a foot of snow socks the northeast. 50 million in the storm's path. blinding snow causing complete whiteouts. big rigs and buses falling off highways everywhere and now bitter cold and wind. our extreme team out all night. ginger zee set to lead our coverage. >> almost a foot in central park. also breaking overnight, terror threats directly targeting olympic athletes received around the world. warning of attacks of entire delegations. brian ross here tracking this developing story. abc news exclusive, the young survivor of this horrifying parasailing accident in florida speaks out for the first time about the terrifying ordeal that left her and her friend fighting for their lives. ♪ it's not about the money money ♪
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and the billion-dollar challenge from warren buffett. march madness kicks off early with a legendary investor putting a billion dollars on the line for anyone who predicts every winner in the tournament "the oracle" of omaha will tell us how. and good morning, america. let's go right to the snow. it's still snowing in scituate, massachusetts, just south of boston right there. already a foot and a half of snow and at least 5 inches coming more to boston right now as well. that's boston highway just outside of boston right there. >> snowing all night in new york city. walked kj in that. it was a blast. take a look at this. that's the iconic apple store on fifth avenue. and look what happened
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overnight. one of those giant window panes cracked when a snowplow accidentally rammed into it. >> wow. >> completely shattered. one of the most photographed places in new york city. people flocking to it. we'll have full coverage of all the snow. millions waking up to the snowy mess. >> ginger starts us off in the thick of it all in central park. good morning, ginger. >> states of emergency were declared here in new york, also new jersey and tennessee. so many people affected by the storm and the cold and look at this. anywhere 7 to the official 11 inches in central park. but it's not just what fell, it's when you pile it up and you have big issues like this. almost a foot and a half to two feet and that's how much snow fell in parts of massachusetts. let's look at the numbers. 13.5, the official for philadelphia. boston and just south of there has so much more. boston more like 5 inches. washington, d.c. just short of 4. some places in virginia, maryland closer to eight. still, this is a big snow for lot of folks.
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the wind and cold behind it, 36 states have some sort of windchill advisory. 26 below feels like in syracuse. this is some ugly weather. there's still ugly weather happening in parts of massachusetts. right there in the cape plymouth massachusetts is where we find gio benitez. >> reporter: good morning to you, ginger. yeah, this wind is really hammering us and, remember, i was in chicago during that last polar vortex, that last winter freeze we saw. and this is like nothing we've seen before. let's take a look right now with our yardstick. we got between 10 and 13 inches and some parts of plymouth county have 15 inches of snow. all of this is really just causing a mess on the roads right now. >> holy cow. >> reporter: icy roads. drivers from illinois to massachusetts this morning, spinning, sliding and struggling. >> it's so bad out here. it really is. i'm slipping and sliding at every light. >> reporter: in roxbury, new
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jersey, this charter bus losing control on the icy road and plunging on its side down an embankment reportedly injuring three people. a similar scene northwest of boston where a tractor trailer jumped a guardrail barreling onto the road below. an icy multivehicle pileup in central indiana shut down this highway for hours. this car just outside washington, d.c. losing control on the arctic asphalt. for vehicles still on the road, those brakes just won't work and blinding snow, dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. watch how a sudden whiteout east of chicago caused this person to virtually disappear only to reappear just inches from this car. watch again. the driver unable to see this pedestrian until the very last second. and over night in new york city the iconic 32-foot glass cube
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encasing apple's flag ship store, shattered reportedly by a passing snow blower. reports say the panel will cost an estimated $445,000 to fix. and apple might want to get that fixed quickly since the store has become one of new york city's most photographed attractions. and take a look behind me, that bay, that famous bay here is just completely frozen over. the feels like temperature right now, 9 degrees but i got to tell you it feels much colder than that, ginger. >> and it will feel colder for a long time to come. that's exactly what i want to tell you. gio and everybody else, let's look at that storm, where it's going when it finally pulls away from the cape and leaves us all alone will be early this morning through the afternoon hours, but the winds, the cold is what sticks behind it and we are going to keep that. the numbers are just ridiculous. yes, it's late january but these are certainly below average. look at that arctic air, green bay will wake up to 2 friday morning. boston, 5.
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even raleigh at 13. george, right here in new york city we're at 26 inches, 16 inches above where we should be at this time here. >> thank you. that means a lot of messy roads. wabc's rob nelson out there right now. good morning, rob. >> reporter: well, good morning to you, george. we are driving now here in queens. the last few hours really and we've seen the main road, they look pretty good to be quite honest but as always in a storm like this, the side roads are the real test. going through a couple of streets in this part of town that really are still snow covered and because it's so brutally cold out a lot of patchy ice facing commuters and of course, this is a big test for the new mayor, bill de blasio this is the second storm he's had to deal with since taking office and a big decision to keep new york city schools open, so the verdict is not in just yet but a lot depends on how well and safely those kids get to school and employees get to work over the next few hours as the morning rush begins to heat up in a very cold and snowy
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new york city. george? >> okay, rob, thanks. to the midwest. bitter, bitter cold right there. abc's alex perez in gary, indiana. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. it seems the midwest can't catch a break here. in gary, indiana, schools are closed this morning. and they're digging out from some 18 inches of snow. over in chicago, they've already seen more snow so far this season than they usually get all winter and it's been so cold, some states are actually dealing with a propane shortage right now. and the great lakes are more frozen right now than they have been in the last 25 years. and, of course, the big concern right now is the return of that deep freeze and those subzero windchills, which are expected to linger in some areas for the next several days. george? >> and that is causing a lot of ripple effects everywhere. >> because the storm's impact being felt coast to coast, thousands of flights canceled. abc's reena ninan is at reagan national airport in washington with the latest. good morning, reena. >> reporter: good morning to you.
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here at reagan national, 14% of the flights have been cancelled after getting 4 inches of snow. this morning, airports struggling to get back to normal operations. this latest storm leaving planes battling heavy snow like this. frustrated passengers stranded. >> i was wondering if i would be able to reroute that flight. >> reporter: the frosty winter wallop leading to over 3,000 flights canceled nationwide tuesday. the most miserable places to be, philly, laguardia and newark but there were some lucky flyers. >> landed in laguardia and looks like we were on the last train out. >> reporter: and this family who made it back to maine from florida. >> most of the flights are cancelled already. >> reporter: but what goes into making the call to delay or cancel a flight? we went along with a team as they battle to keep the runways cleared to find out. this multifunction snowplow behind me clears the runway. it has three devices, a snowplow that moves the snow, a broom and then a snowblower. while we were there this was considered the lowest visibility for pilots at dulles.
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>> when it starts getting to 4 we will close the runway. >> reporter: across the country there have been nearly 3,000 flight delays and over 1,500 cancellations, robin. >> pack a lot of patience. reena, thanks very much. staying there in our nation's capital, not everyone is upset about the snowy conditions. this is the national zoo, the panda at the national zoo just hanging out. >> all right. >> what would be the morning show be without -- >> it's a morning show now. there you go. >> not at all. >> okay. i'll switch gears and get more on the security fears around the sochi olympics. more countries reporting terrorist threats this morning. as more spectators choosing to stay away including the family of one american skater. he convinced his parents to miss the moment they've been anticipating for years. brian ross here with the latest and a lot of confusion about the threats. >> there is. the head of hungary's olympic committee is saying he and his teams of other nations received what he called e-mail threats written in russian and english that the hungarian athletes will be targets of terror attacks at the sochi games.
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the threats are being taken seriously in hungary but a spokesman for the olympic committee just told us he would call those messages more opinions than threats. a kind of olympic security jitters but all comes after we learn that one u.s. athlete has already told his parents not to come because of the possibility of a terror attack. the parents of one of america's top olympic speed skaters, tucker fredricks, on the right, won't be going to sochi even though he qualified for the u.s. team last month. shawn and dan fredricks told abc their son asked them not to go because of his concerns for security at the olympics. >> he wanted us to stay home so that he wouldn't have to worry about us, one less thing to be concerned about. >> reporter: the fredricks said it was a tough decision after following tucker's skating career since he was 11. >> it's kind of bittersweet. we wanted to go to support him
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but we understand he has to concentrate on the race, and we said, okay, we'll stay home and watch it on tv. >> reporter: and the failure of the russian security services in sochi to track down this 22-year-old so-called black widow was of serious concern to a top u.s. congressman who is in sochi this week to review security arrangements. >> my concern is that there are many more of them. they could potentially cause a threat. what i'm concerned most about this particular case is that she broke through the perimeter and got into sochi. >> reporter: amid all these security concerns, president obama talked by phone yesterday with russian president putin and, again, offered u.s. assistance which we are told could include equipment that can detect and jam roadside bombs. technology developed by the u.s. military in iraq and afghanistan. >> yeah, those are making progress. brian, thanks very much. other top stories from josh. hope you're feeling better. >> well, it's a work in progress, george. but away we go. we'll begin with a big risk
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on the road for thousands of american drivers. crash test results released overnight show that none of the 12 new subcompact cars earned a good safety rating. this is an increasingly popular group of cars because of rising gas prices but the best-known models including the honda fit the fiat 500 and the nissan versa were all rated poor. the only one rated acceptable was the chevy spark and authorities at purdue university are trying to determine why a student opened fire in a classroom killing a fellow teaching assistant. the victim, 21-year-old andrew boldt was an eagle scout from wisconsin. he taught for the same engineering professor as the alleged shooter, cody cousins who police say fired four shots before surrendering to police. overseas, images this morning as ukraine moves closer to all-out civil war. crowds there threw fireworks and molotov cocktails at police trying to enforce the president's new and harsh anti-protest laws. at least three people were
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killed in the violence. and a former governor once considered a possible presidential candidate has been indicted on corruption charges. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen are accused of taking gifts from a local businessman including a $70,000 loan, a rolex watch, use of a luxury vacation home and the ferrari you see there, as well as catering for their daughter's wedding. mcdonnell insists he did nothing illegal. and baseball fans will soon be facing new security in the wake of the boston bombings. major league baseball has now announced metal detectors will be mandatory in every ballpark by the year 2015. and finally, he's in disguise, but can you tell who's been pranking folks at gold's gym in venice, california? take a look. >> you have elbows, and you have knees. so touch them. very nice. >> stop being a baby. this is gold's gym. this is not a baby gym. >> you look so good.
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so handsome. >> ah, i would actually argue it was a giveaway. might be the worst disguise in the history of disguises. but, yes, if you guessed arnold schwarzenegger, you are correct. playing the role of howard the gym manager, donning that '70s stash and it is glorious. that ponytail was extra points. it was for an after-school chair of his. it was called the afterschool all-stars. and frankly, he knew if he made the video, we would show it and everybody benefits. >> he's not able to hit the gym for awhile. how is your back? >> it's okay. at least it was -- a chore, firewood. >> were you out there chopping? >> i was just moving. i wasn't chopping. >> i had that whole image. >> i know, really. >> shirt off and everything. >> yeah, yeah. >> you haven't had shirt off -- >> great to have you back. >> good to be back.
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now to new video of that horrifying plane crash that happened just weeks ago in aspen, colorado. the video sheds new light on what might have gone wrong for the pilot on its approach. abc's clayton sandell has those details for us. >> reporter: it is the moment of impact, captured by heat-senses cameras as a private jet comes in to land appearing to strike the runway nose first bouncing back into the air seconds later slamming down in a ball of fire, skidding down the runway. the crash earlier this month in aspen, colorado, killed the pilot. a co-pilot and passengers survived, seriously injured. >> it appears that the airplane was going way too fast down the runway and for some reason hit the runway hard causing the aircraft to pitch up and perhaps stall so that there's no longer any lift coming over the wing and the airplane literally falls out of the sky. >> the newly released video captured by five different cameras shows the second attempt at a landing, the first time gusty winds forcing the pilots
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to go around. >> approach, november 1, was 33 knots of tail wind. >> reporter: those gusts nearly 30 miles an hour can be seen blowing snow across the ground. emergency crews raced to the burning plane as other pilots wonder just what happened? >> what's with all the smoke behind us at our 5:00 position? >> there was an incident on the runway here, sir. >> reporter: they haven't said whether the weather, mechanical problems or pilot error played a role in the crash. a final report on the cause is still months away. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. thanks to clayton for that. shifting gears to that billion dollar challenge from warren buffett. hasn't even hit the super bowl but march madness getting an early start thanks to this. offer from the legendary investor. anyone who fills out a perfect ncaa bracket gets a billion
7:17 am
dollars from him. abc's ryan smith has the story. >> reporter: billionaire warren buffett wants you to win the prize of a lifetime. >> it can definitely be done. >> reporter: teaming up with quicken loans to back a $1 billion payout to the clairvoyant fan predicts the winner of all 63 games in the world's most unpredictable tournament. >> it's not like flipping coins. no one knows the exact odds. of course, if there is an upset all bets are off. >> reporter: ah, yes, the catch, the chance of picking a flawless bracket, even "dumb and dumber's" lloyd christmas might not take these odds. >> level with me. what are my chances? >> reporter: 1 in 9.2 quadrillion. that's 18 zeros. >> so you're telling me there's a chance. yeah! >> reporter: sure, if you like long odds like hitting powerball three straight times, in fact, you're more than 50,000 more likely to get struck by a meteor so does anyone really have a shot? >> it's not impossible, believe me. things happen in the world that you don't expect. 63 games will be played and a good many are pretty predictable. >> reporter: there's never been
7:18 am
an official perfect bracket despite efforts by colo, columbus zoo's, president obama, and millions of submissions every year on so it is possible to do the impossible? >> the chance of somebody collecting even a penny of this is extremely, and that is putting it mildly, extremely unlikely. >> reporter: as for buffett, he wouldn't be the investment guru he is without making sure the money is used responsibly. >> if somebody wins the billion dollars i'll throw in a little free advice. i may ask to be included in their will. >> reporter: speaking of advice he says he fills out a bracket but for picks he doesn't trust anyone. he doesn't say that anybody should trust his advice. but buffett says if somebody picks perfectly up until the final game, he may join them at the championship and bring along that check. how about that? >> well, you know, warren buffett gives away a lot of money but he doesn't throw it away. >> you have to earn it. you have to earn it. >> the four of us together --
7:19 am
there's a possibility. i just want to say that. >> winning a billion dollars would be great but just that one moment when you were perfect might be almost as great. 63-0, i'm in. >> we got to get back out to ginger right now. you have more on the gulf coast freeze, as well. >> oh, i do. and i got to get straight to the numbers. if this is cold for us look how cold it feels in parts of florida early tomorrow morning. that's going to be the coldest of the week. freeze warnings and windchill advisories all in place as folks slip into the 20s and close to 40 or our actual air temperature in tampa. you want to go hot, go to phoenix. yesterday a record high of 81. plenty warm today. your local forecast coming up in 30 seconds. first the windchill insurance brought to you by farmers insurance.
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>> ginger is going to warm up. we'll have more from her later and coming up, an abc news exclusive. one of the teenage survivors of the horrifying parasailing accident speaks out for the first time. also, the astonishing story. a woman who found out her
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yesterday afternoon. four officers had gone to the apartment to search the apartment. they went in with guns drawn. that's when one officer accidentally shot and killed sergeant smith. he leaves behind a wife open young daughter. find out what the wednesday morning traffic looks like. we're starting you off in more ren. sit a sig alert issued moments ago southbound 101. we have one lane blocked until further notice. car hit a pole and that was feeding electricity to 2500 customers. so we have heavy backups coming away from that v
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good morning. red flag warning, high fire danger going to develop at 10:00 tonight through 3 clock. fire danger is a little less but still in lake county ps. big surf coming. here's your accurate
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those are live pictures from plymouth, massachusetts, still snowing, up to 18 inches already, still coming down. 50 million people in the path of the storm right now. schools closed in boston right now. trucks moving pretty well on the highway. also in philadelphia schools are closed. the whole east coast getting hit pretty hard. >> but schools are open here in new york city and we're hearing from the kids about that. also ahead, one of the teenage survivors in this horrifying parasailing accident caught on tape back in july. well, she is speaking out for the first time in an abc news exclusive. glad that she is doing so well right now. >> really lucky to be alive. also here, an astonishing story for you. a missouri woman who just learned about a shocking secret as you could ever find out. how she find out her parents were killers.
7:31 am
>> shock something an understatement. unbelievable. it's our mega-makeover week and this morning the purse police are on the hunt and you're under arrest. we're going to get into it. what you can do to lighten your load and change your life i dare say all through your purse. the latest onta storm slamming the east coast right now hitting so much of the country. ginger in central park this morning tracking it all. good morning, ginger. >> hey, good morning, george. as so many millions of us will be trudging through all this fresh snow, the next headline really becomes the cold. our thunderstorm ter may need to be calibrated because it's showing zero. certainly feels subzero with the windchill. the actual air temperature in the single digits in new york city and so many other places throughout the northeast and new england and the great lakes. but we have to check in with kristin thorne out on long island to see what it's like. 10 to 14 inches overall.
7:32 am
>> reporter: yeah, a lot, ginger. we're talking about a lot of snow and it's made for treacherous conditions out on the roads especially the side roads out on long island. very bad but i want to show you this is the long island expressway our major thoroughfare on long island. how a lot get to work. you can see not a lot of cars on the road. if you're unfamiliar with this area this is actually very light traffic. the roads now thankfully here on the major roads are starting to clear up so really just slushy conditions at this point which is definitely good. also many schools are closed today on long island so that's creating lighter traffic around the area however new york city schools do have school today. ginger, back to you. >> kristin, thank you. so philadelphia to tell you hasn't seen three 6-inch plus snowfalls ever and they've done it this year. a very snowy year not just a snowy day. more on your nation's weather coming up. >> thanks very much. we turn to our abc news exclusive with the young survivor of a horrifying
7:33 am
parasailing accident we showed you first last summer. sydney is speaking out about the terrifying ordeal that left her and alexis fairchild critically injured. linsey davis here to tell us about it. >> it's hard to watch but hard to believe they slammed into those buildings and survived. this morning, we hear from sydney, who shared what she remembered from those terrifying moments but told us it was still too early to appear on camera. sydney good's horrific parasailing trip last summer caught on camera. >> oh, my god. >> she and her friend, alexis fairchild, caught by the wind and catapulted into two buildings. >> we are at the commodore and two parasailors just smashed into the top of it. >> i remember seeing the people on the balcony that we hit. i remember them kind of grabbing for me and then after that i blacked out. >> reporter: now sidney is speaking out for the first time about her accident and her
7:34 am
survival. >> about the second day my body was preparing itself to die. >> reporter: what has gotten you through that? >> because i'm a very strong believer in god. >> reporter: it happened this past july, the line pulling the two 17-year-olds from indiana broke loose from the boat and these subsequent terrifying moments left her in critical condition. >> what did the doctor just do? >> got my neck brace off. >> reporter: she was put on a vent later with cracked vertebrae and severe brain trauma. >> i don't know when it happened, when they hit the building or when they fell after they hit the power lines and then fell on a car. >> reporter: initial reports from investigators blamed an afternoon storm with strong winds. they say several attempts to winch the riders back on failed. shortly after the incident the company who ran the outing aquatic adventures released this statement "while we adhere to best practices to minimize the risks associated with watersport activity, sudden weather conditions can and do occur." sidney says doctors have told her she should not expect to
7:35 am
make a full recovery. how bad is your eyesight? >> i have double vision constantly and my peripheral vision is completely -- it's just gone. >> reporter: alexis, the other teen involved was released from the hospital earlier than sidney and her family has filed a lawsuit against awe qualityic adventures. their attorney telling us they would like to comment but have a policy not to comment on pending litigation. >> she is one strong girl. >> yes, hoping to graduate with her callaspo tensionally in may. >> which would be great. >> so courageous. george, thank you, linsey. to the story of a missouri woman who learned a shocking secret about her parents. she says they were good parents, but it turns out investigators say they are both murderers. abc's john muller has this story. >> reporter: robin, it sounds like something out of a hollywood movie 1kri79 and idyllic childhood in missouri
7:36 am
but for one girl now all grown up her churchgoing typical american family had deadly secrets about mom and dad. this morning those memories are in question after her mother and stepfather were both arrested in september for separate murders more than 30 years ago. gerald uden charged with shooting his ex-wife and two children back in 1980 in wyoming. in 1975, alice uden allegedly killed her ex-husband. the cause of death, a gunshot wound to the back of his head. now in a new interview in next week's people's choice awards magnitude hayes recalls the day the man who raised her since 4 admitted to her that he was a murderer. >> she said that he asked her, what difference would it make if you knew? and she said, if she shoe, it would give her peace and that he finally confessed to her. >> reporter: uden pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison in november. in his confession he said he killed his ex-wife because she was trying to ruin his new
7:37 am
relationship with alice. >> erica told us that despite everything that happened, her stepfather gave her the most beautiful life that he possibly could. >> reporter: although her stepfather's past was a complete shock, erica says she always had a feeling her mother wasn't telling her something. her mother eventually telling her the dark secret, she killed holtz because he threatened to kill them both. alice has pleaded not guilty awaiting trial while erica is left to make sense of a childhood now tainted. >> she told us she sees this as a warmed love story, one where her mother killed to protect herself and her stepfather killed to be with her mother. >> so now the father is this prison for life for his murder and the mother who pleaded not guilty could face the same fate for the murder she's accused of. her trial gets under way next month. robin, george. >> for erica to come forward with that. zhang you so much. john. back to ginger in central park and, ginger, some folks are
7:38 am
trying to make the best of the situation. >> yeah, well, hey, a lot of us are going to make the best out of it. let me tell you this is the light and fluffy stuff, not so great for snowmen but wonderful for sledding. if you want to play rocky in philadelphia where they got 13.5 inches, good luck because you got to sled down those steps. the art museum last night as people were taking advantage of the snow. positive turn on it but this snow is still affecting parts of massachusetts and as that pull as way after leaving up to a foot and a half of snow in spots it will be windy for early today and then that brutal cold settles in and i just wanted to leave you with a look at that. also across the country, denver today, 27 after being 63
7:39 am
>> this frozen weather report brought to you by walgreen's. robin and george. >> thank you, ginger. and coming up, which one of these singing superstars will sing the national anthem at the super bowl? >> all three are great choices. and so many women, oh, yes, the shapewear. but could pulling on those undergarments -- i sound like my dad now, undergarments be bad for your health. what every woman needs to know this morning. do not say girdle. don't say girdle. >> i wouldn't. >> okay. everyone's been at the corner of "new year's resolution" and "maybe i need a new new year's resolution." ♪ at walgreens, we know that starting healthy routines can be tough. that's why walgreens makes it easier with realistic and real simple solutions... everything from great deals on vitamins, supplements and fitness monitors to helpful online tools.
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welcome back. 7:43. the surprise pick to sing the national anthem at the super bowl. the nfl choosing a true diva for one of the biggest stages in the world. abc's chris connelly has the story of the singer known for hitting the high notes. >> reporter: she said no top 40 singles like beyonce. she was never on "american idol." ♪ land of the free >> reporter: she will however -- ♪ be sings the national anthem on super bowl sunday. supersoprano renee fleming, the first opera singer ever selected for the high-profile performance. tuesday's announcement left some football fans wondering, was this part of the nfl's campaign against big hits. but heads up, haters. these the people's diva. killing them at the met. ♪
7:43 am
or laughing through a letterman top ten list. ♪ >> reporter: did someone say bizarre? ♪ red glare uh-oh. >> reporter: flubbing lyrics like christina. ♪ so bravely we watched >> reporter: or acting rowdy like rose paraanne. rockets' red glare. >> reporter: anybody who can sing this can do o say can you see. >> if anyone can handle it renee fleming can but the stakes are enormous. that's a lot tougher than just another performance at the met. >> reporter: and let's face it, new jersey has always had a soft spot for the sopranos. did you know you sound like that? that's unbelievable. >> i've been practicing.
7:44 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> wow. we think it's a great choice and fleming has sung the national anthem before a big game, game two of the 2003 world series at yankee stadium. looking forward to that. >> we are. >> you're up. no, i'm up. how are you doing? coming up, everybody, mega-makeover week. we're going to start right here kicking it up a notch, i dare say, overhauling your handbag like you've never seen before. >> now you're up. >> now i'm up. "play of the day," go nowhere. >> enough said. >> it's a good one. we need time. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
nfl. rather circuitous especially when a kid he never thought he would make it because he wore in part hearing aids, well, millions and millions of hits later online, he has inspired untold millions of people as he and his team heads to the super bowl here in a week, two people he really inspired, though, reilly and erin. two 9-year-old girls hearing impaired. they decided, reilly did to write a letter to derrick coleman that says, dear, my inspiration, derrick coleman, i know how you feel. i also have hearing aids. just try your best. i have faif in you, derrick. good job on the january 20th game. of course, that got them here. they were good enough to join us now on skype. good morning to all of you and, jake, i know this all started when you tweeted that letter. what was it like to see your daughters write it? >> you know, it was really -- it
7:50 am
was great. just that she was able to put that stuff into words and really kind of talk to how she felt about it. it was amazing. >> when they found out that derrick was deaf, what was that like for them? >> you know, there's not a whole lot of really high-profile people or even athletes out there that are deaf that kids like rile len and erin can look up. i mean really any kid to show that if you work hard and adversity doesn't really matter. you can overcome it. >> reilly and erin, are you big seahawks fans now? >> yes. >> are you excited for that super bowl? >> whoo. >> yeah. >> can i really get a big, go, seahawks? >> go, seahawks! >> really quick, if there was one thing, reilly, that you had to pick that you like about derrick, what is it? >> i like that he's actually -- he actually can understand like
7:51 am
about like being bullied, and he actually was more like, you know like stuff like if you have problems like, he's a guy you could come to. >> he sure is. reilly, erin, reilly and erin, i don't want to cut you off but thanks for joining us and a big go, seahawks. thank you, jake. have you two phenomenal daughters. >> whoo. >> go nowhere. coming up "gma's" winter concert series presented by big lots. surprising savings every aisle, every day. ♪
7:52 am
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. authorities are nfts gath a fatal shooting in oakland. it happened at 9:00 last night near bancroft avenues. they said one of the passengers tried to run and turned to the officer with a gun. the officer shot the suspect who died at the scene. the driver of the suv took off. mike. could be ten days in a row with record high temperatures, 73 in santa rosa, seven day forecast, fire danger.
7:57 am
dig surf comes thursday afternoon to friday at the coast. we know there's a sig alert that's going to be around for hours. all due to a car that ran into a power pole and knocked out power to more than
7:58 am
check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants.
7:59 am
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♪ good morning, america. our mega-makeover madness revs into high gear with the purse police on the prowl overhauling your handbag in minutes. and the truth about spanx. are they shaping you up or putting yourself at risk to look in shape? ♪ i want to marry you and "the bachelor's" sean and catherine just days from walking down the aisle in front of america, but they're here first spilling details about their great big wedding. ♪ burn burn burn all that and pop superstar ellie goulding burning into times square as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ gonna burn burn burn burn ♪ i think i want to marry you good morning, ellie goulding. good morning to sean and catherine. there they are in the twitter
8:01 am
mirror having a lot of fun. of course, they fell in love on "the bachelor," and now they're about to get married. >> yeah. >> yeah. coming up on it real soon. they're going to walk down the aisle live on national television. we're going to get a lot of the details from them just ahead right here on "good morning america." >> oh, they're having a lot of fun over at the twitter wall. >> you can't tell. also ahead, talk show host wendy williams -- i'm not sure if you saw this -- really broke down revealing the struggle that fueled her on-air breakdown. so many parents can identify with her on this one, and that story is just ahead. she was just very raw, very real and a lot of especially moms will feel for her. >> really heartbreaking to watch. i don't carry one, and today that's a good thing because i understand these are murder on the back. it's our purse police station. [ sirens ] >> yes. >> so we have beauty expert gretta monahan here as part of our mega-makeover week. >> great uniform. >> all the top tips you need to
8:02 am
declutter your handbag, and i always wondered what it would sound like when i said that. >> you got a man bag. admit it. you have a man bag. >> come on. >> i have a -- it's a satchel. >> overload. [ sirens ] >> everybody does it. >> what is this? shapewear this morning, we want to hear from you. tell us, do you think the pain of wearing shapewear is worth the gain, so to speak? it makes you look good, but it could hurt you. go to our website, on yahoo! and let us know what you think. george? >> now, josh, you're only allowed to vote once, but first with the news. >> done. deal. we'll begin here with the monster snowstorm ginger had been forecasting and now impacting travel across the country. let's take a look again this morning at the massachusetts coastline as it digs out from nearly 18 inches of snow. airports from the northeast to the midwest now struggling to get up to speed after the cancellations of thousands of flights yesterday as millions of children, meanwhile, are
8:03 am
enjoying another day off from school, though not here locally. federal officials, however, and offices in d.c. will open today two hours late. road conditions remain treacherous, as well. a bus in new jersey actually slid off the road, injured several people in the process, and now the big concern, is this arctic air following the snow? it is it a polar vortex, part two on the way? ginger's forecast coming up in just moments. also this morning, olympic officials are dismissing a new threat against athletes taking part in next month's games. the head of hungary's olympic team says threatening e-mails claim that athletes from his country and others will be targeted by attacks in sochi, but the international olympic committee says those e-mails are not credible, and to help with security, the u.s. is offering the russians new technology that can help detect roadside bombs, but one of america's top speed skaters so worried, in fact, about security, he has told his parents to stay home from sochi.
8:04 am
and new details about that shooting rampage at los angeles international airport back in november. the a.p. reporting two armed officers at l.a.x. took a break just moments before the shooting without telling their dispatcher. they were outside terminal 3 when a gunman opened fire there killing a tsa screener. and a narrow escape caught on camera there. look at that. a woman and her child ran just as that suv slammed into a florida restaurant. police say the driver ran a red light, struck another car before skidding into that building. thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. and toronto mayor rob ford seen around the world in a video that showed him smoking crack is in new trouble after yet another video has surfaced. it appears to show ford at a fast food restaurant on monday swaying and ranting incoherently and speaking with a jamaican ax sent at one point. ford does admit to drinking now even though he claimed he had quit back in november.
8:05 am
he says what he does in his personal life is up to him and, yes, he still plans to run for re-election. and finally, if you are afraid of heights this job is not for you. it is also not for me because i am. of course, that's the famous statue of christ that overlooks the city of rio undergoing repair, two fingers and the head were chipped during recent lightning storms and they had to fix it. "pop news" coming up and we'll get the weather from ginger in central park. >> hey, guys. and the sun just really shining on all this fresh snow. can you see the upper west side right behind me? it's not just the sun on the snow here, but look at washington, d.c. this morning, we can see the washington monument, everybody struggling in the cold and that fresh snow, some of the roads still slushy and ice covered. please plan some extra time if you are going to travel this morning, but air travel should get back on track after those thousands of cancellations and delays. look at temperatures, though. there is a reinforcing shot of cold, so if you thought this morning was cold, get ready to
8:06 am
be colder by tomorrow morning. minneapolis, actual air temperature, 13 below. it'll be even colder here in new york city too. the dry and heat going to only intensify with the wind, and that means fire danger high, especially in california, some of the numbers as you go through the next three days and end your workweek. and next we'll have to do snow angels. it's just feeling that way. lara, you got to get out to the park with me. >> is that a promise, ginger?
8:07 am
i hope so. thank you. here is what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." "pop news" is coming right up with news about bradley cooper. a big move you want to hear about. a surprising job. and then is wearing shapewear bad for your health? how can that be? what doctors are saying about that. and then gretta monahan is our purse police officer. we're going to give your purse a mega-makeover. just ahead. you're under arrest. on "gma" live in times square. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to by new, fast-acting advil. nothing is faster. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is jim. a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto.
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♪ let it go >> what a voice. ♪ let it go let it go >> let's see. sarina has done this give or take a thousand -- 17,506 times. and she's watching and she's singing along with this little 9-year-old. anna least forbes. no formal singing training but she records a christmas album for her family every year with her uncle jesse and this song, "let it go" from the disney movie "frozen" nominated for an oscar and right now in america i bet there are 17,506 little girls singing along with the tv right now. it's unbelievable, this song. >> something about that song. so catchy. it's beautiful. very nice. i don't know how to top it. >> away you go. good morning to you and hugh
8:12 am
jackman not the only handsome star making his way to the broadway stage in coming months. bradley cooper also headed to the great why way taking on the leading role in "the elephant man" this fall. the oscar nominated "american hustle" star played the role in a regional production in 2012 and clearly went well. look at bradley cooper in "the elephant man" in the fall of 2014. >> went well. >> that's the thing. anybody know? >> i'm not an animal. >> correct. he's terrific. he's so good in "american hustle." cannot wait to see that. i was wondering how this was going to be received. but -- it's news. >> oh, boy. >> prince harry, a man of many talents including building the royal throne. the prince took the lead in designing outdoor toilets for the members of the apartment arctic expedition he helped last month all to raise money for a military charity. details of harry's duties -- >> no, no. >> did you custom write that
8:13 am
set? >> yes, i did. yes, i did. >> keep going. keep going. keep going. >> okay, details of his duties reveal -- >> keep going. >> including that the prince fashioned each one -- >> got all day. >> on the track to the south pole. we do call that a what -- >> a royal flush. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. finally this morning, robin a wacky and wonderful debut to talk about already buzzing online. norway's curling team revealing their un fors for the 2014 games. this is stylish, george. this is all about style. it's about fashion. just remember i told you, it's happening here first. blue, white, red, zigzag and homage to hair home country not that anyone expected them to go conservative. their prior ensemble went viral at the 2010 games in vancouver. there is an unofficial facebook
8:14 am
page devoted to not only them but to their pants. and that, everybody, is "pop news." >> well done. >> thank you. >> you fought. >> all the way. i think this calls for switching gears. >> okay. >> like you even need to do that. >> we're stripping those gears right now. >> rrr. >> we are. pretty emotional breakdown wendy williams had the other day opening up about the troubles she is having with her teenage son who seems to be choosing his father over her. a heartbreaking confession. >> she's the brash and former radio shock jockette turned tv talk show host. >> does anybody here have an open marriage? just asking. >> reporter: but this week wendy revealed a much softer side. bursting into tears during this on-camera meltdown about her strained relationship with her teenage son. >> what i discovered this weekend is my son doesn't like me anymore. >> reporter: as part of her intimate kong fegs williams
8:15 am
revealed her son sees to view her as the enforcer while he sees his father as a friend. >> all into his father. you know how 13-year-olds are. i was the same way when i was 13 but it's breaking my heart. he's a buddy. they talk sneakers. go for haircuts and speed off in the car and i'm left there feeling like why are you so pissed? i'm not pissed. i'm a mom. >> reporter: a struggle so many women can relate to. comical in shows like "modern family." >> look, your dad and i are splitting up. >> why? >> another one of their stupid argument. >> okay, i'll go with dad. >> no, you'll come with me. >> in many families mom is the manager of the family which means they're telling you what to do and when to do it. father gets to be the fun guy. if that's happening with consistency, then the child really doesn't enjoy being with the mother. >> reporter: when we reached out to williams she had no comment. but behind the scenes williams continued her candid confession.
8:16 am
>> it's just that somehow you feel as though you're be more likable than your own parents because you're -- i hate to use the word cool because that implies i'm trying to be his friend. i'm his mother. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> i know my son prefers my husband over me, lol, i'm the one who has rule, melissa tweeted. and drama follower says "they do this in stages throughout their lives until adulthood. they need different things from each parent at different stages. it's okay." ericka souter back again. this really did seem to strike deep with wendy. >> it hit every parent hard when they saw this because every parent can relate to it. >> yeah. >> it's whether you've gone through it with our o your teen or have preteens you know it's coming and when your kid says, i hate you, leave me alone card you immediately start blaming yourself and ask, where did i go wrong. if you work sometimes you think i didn't spend enough time with him or her so i think that's what wendy is going through.
8:17 am
feeling guilt but -- >> she got it yesterday morning but i didn't blame myself first. >> yeah. >> you're right. every parent has to deal with this. >> her son is 13. i know we all folk about those teen years but it does seem to be a factor. >> more particular with mother, they're going through a special stage right now. this is not the time where you just bust into their room and, like, hey, what are you doing? you give them a little bit of space, do a little bit of growing, have a little bit of privacy. it's going to hurt but it's what is necessary. >> i liked what she said at the end. i'm not trying to be his friend. i'm his mother. that's where parents can sometimes -- can step in it. we can try to be a peer rather than a role model. >> also, if your kid hates you you're probably doing something right because you are not supposed to be their best friend. you're supposed to be the disciplinarian and set rules and shape them into future adults. >> it is hard. >> you turn out to be a much
8:18 am
better person. >> much -- >> very strict parents. all of us. >> and they became my best friends in the end. not during the teen years but, boy. >> one of the best ways to get over that hurtle know there's no one size fits all plan for your teen. every teen is going through something different. it could be self-esteem issues, boyfriend or girlfriend issues or wanting to grow up and assert your independence. the idea listen to your kid as much as you can and let them know you hear them and give them a little bit of space. >> to realize they're blessed to have a mother and a father involved this their life. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. >> that was so heartbreaking. it certainly was. now to that headline on shapewear. such a staple for so many women so could wearing it actually be bad for your health? abc's cecilia vega talked to the experts and has the story for us. >> reporter: a-listers swear by them. >> spanx. >> spanx. >> spanx. >> you have got to wear spanx. >> reporter: they're even one of oprah's favorite things. >> a good bra and a pair of spanx, the holy grail. >> reporter: call them what you
8:19 am
you will, spanx, girdles, it's shaichwear that sucks in, flatten, squeezes and as so many of us know, wearing them is not fun. >> no pain, no gain, right? >> yeah. >> just spot-on not very comfortable. >> reporter: but could shapewear be bad for your health? is there a dangerous in clothing that is so tight it feels like you have a rubber band around your legs? >> just that, it will feel like a rubber band. if you're feeling any numbness, those are clear signs this is in fact too tight. take it off. don't wait till the end of the event. >> reporter: some doctors say shapewear too tight can squeeze internal organs causing digestive problem, affect breathing, lead to bladder and bacterial infections. marisa brown's doctor told her the shapewear she wore to so many special occasions even her own wedding was to blame for her severe stomach pains. >> the shapewear is compressing you so much and then you try to enjoy yourself and eat and drink
8:20 am
and dance and that sent me to the doctor. ♪ >> reporter: whether you're a one pair wearer like bridget jones or a fan of layers like octavia spencer. >> i triple spanx. >> reporter: don't worry, you don't have to trade them in. >> the things to think about are buying the appropriate size, wearing them occasionally, not every day. >> reporter: and there's another upside. taking them off at the end of the day. for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, san francisco. >> as always, we ask you what you thought in our "gma" flash poll. do you think the pain of wearing shapewear is worth the gain? survey says, oh, 57% no. wow. >> okay. >> 43% said it was worth it. >> i'm with that. >> yeah. it's -- hmm. >> go ahead. >> no. >> robin roberts -- >> no, no. >> none. >> lara. >> can i tell you shall i -- sausage casing.
8:21 am
it's tight. it's very tight. it's hard to breathe. i'm just going to say it. >> it is. >> anyway, shall we -- >> please. >> thanks for weighing in, america. it's time now, we're excited we continue with our mega-makeover series. today we have tile and beauty guru gretta monahan. >> vroom-vroom. >> and what does she say, robin, you're under arrest. she's our purse police officer catching women in the act with bags too heavy packed with stuff they don't need. we all do it. we are going to do a major purge right now. a challenge. but first sara hayes took to the streets with gretta. ♪ >> reporter: it's every woman's must-have accessory. but is your purse weighing you down with useless clutter? >> handbags have somehow become the black hole of clutter. >> reporter: our purses have become portable storage chests from essentials to the bizarre. it should weigh no more than
8:22 am
five pounds. but on average a woman's purse is bulging with around 7 to 10 pounds of clutter. >> it's really important to put your handbag on a diet. get rid of trash or anything that simply does not belong in your handbag. a lot of women find it enormously difficult to let go. >> reporter: but have no fear, ladies, the purse patrol is here. style and beauty expert gretta monahan and i scoured the streets of new york searching for perpetrators. >> we want to see if we can weigh your bag. >> 4.7 pounds. we're not going to have to take you into the station for this one but we would like to see some of what you're carrying down there. how many pins do you need, seriously? oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. you guys, 7.7 pounds. that is the size of a newborn baby. blow your whistle. >> done. four seconds. >> you're a pretty bad offender. we need to bring you in. >> this is every i.d. you've had
8:23 am
since junior high, 7.4 pounds but we weren't done yet so i think we did good work today. >> we did but we're not done. i saw the bag that you were carrying and i think if we're going to call people out i'm going to call you out. >> cool. this bag weighs as much as you. >> oh, my god. >> you take the cake for the heaviest bag of the day. >> my 8 pound purse weighed as much as a bowling ball and a gallon of milk. sara hayes. >> gretta monahan is with me. you were out on the street. what's the deal with the big bags? >> so, basically the big bag is weighing us down. on an original of seven to ten pounds of extra luggage hurting our back, shoulders and necks, even giving us elbow tendinitis. >> six women are bravely going to dump out those bags. we're calling them purse challenged. dump out your bags.
8:24 am
you have a smaller bag underneath so you got to dump it all owl then you have to choose what's important. what can go in your smaller bag. that's the goal. >> it is. you get 20 seconds to do it. >> if your bag is big, you're going to fill it. we know it. 20 seconds on the clock. go, ladies. are you kidding me? >> oh, my gosh. >> my wallet. >> heavy, heavy wallets. >> smaller bags underneath, ladies. what do you really need? >> oh. >> let me -- >> do you need the sneakers in your purse. >> i do. >> they need three different categories. >> your makeup essentials and -- >> ten seconds. that's it. that's it. >> get that lighter bag for everybody. three, two, one. [ buzzer ] >> all right, so there you go. is it possible you guys -- do you believe you got everything you need in that smaller bag? >> no. >> no. >> no? >> no? >> tell us again what do we
8:25 am
really need? the. >> things you need work essential, i.d. or anything you need for work, mobile, electronics and makeup. not your whole makeup bag but lipstick, the essentials. >> i do the whole -- >> that's right. >> if i'm going to like miss america -- i don't know. it's like a crutch, right? you just feel like you need to have everything. >> got to be careful. wallets can add a lot of extra weight. get the coins out. >> this weighs five pounds. >> i need the money. >> what else -- >> may i? >> credit cards. >> there's $100 worth of coins in there. >> great test. >> great. >> so the number one theme today if we can tell people at home abandon the big bag. >> lighten your load, cross body. lighter type. less hardware and save the special heavy ones for once in a while. >> i want to say thank you guys for being with us. i would not empty out my bag. i'm pretty sure there might be a pet in there or a science
8:26 am
project. all right. thank you. coming up, the wedding. we'll talk to you. "gma's" mega-makeover brought to you by truvia natural sweetener. from nature, for sweetness.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. this morning friends and family are mourning the loss of a b.a.r.t. police officer killed in the line of duty. tom smith was shot by a fellow officer in dub plin yesterday. they went to the park sierra apartments. they went in with their guns drawn. that's when an officer accidentally shot and killed sergeant smith. he leaves behind a wife and a six-year-old daughter. let's see how your mourning commute is going. >> parts of sonoma county on on a break. as we take you into the east bay, this multiple vehicle crash
8:28 am
is tying up traffic on davis street. this is the san mateo bridge. still looking heavy there due on the a accident along 101 on the
8:29 am
hey, welcome back. we have a fire danger brews up in the north bay 10:00 tonight through 3 clock tomorrow afternoon north bay mountains. fire weather watch in lake
8:30 am
county. we have the big waves comes in ♪ when the lights turned down they don't know what they heard strike a match play it lout giving love to the world ♪ ♪ we'll be raising our hands shining up to the sky cause we got the fire fire fire ♪ ♪ yeah we got the fire fire fire ♪ [ applause ] ellie goulding. very happy to have you joining us here in times square. a little jet-lagged but in a good way and great. she's going to get set kicking off a tour a few weeks from now. but we get her first. >> we heard a little taste of "burn" right there. we got a lot more coming up later in this half hour. cannot wait for that. also ahead in this half hour, melissa gilbert is here. >> yeah.
8:31 am
>> she is over there for our twitter mirror here to tell us about her sweet, brand-new children's book she's written and look forward to -- >> something to do with that dog there? >> could have a little something to do -- >> i did try to adopt that dog. >> of course, you did. of course, you did. then we have a "gma" exclusive, everybody. we're revealing this morning superstar katy perry is the newest face of cover girl so well deserved. you're seeing a sneak peek, behind the scenes, this is footage from the shoot. grammy nominated singer admitting that being a cover girl has always been on her personal bucket list. congratulations to her, and i love her whole vibe about empowerment and loving yourself for every bit of who you are. >> absolutely. okay. is it time? i'm excited. adorable snapshot from sean and catherine at our twitter mirror. they were posing in our studio days before the first ever live "bachelor" wedding happening this sunday, season 17 "bachelor" sean lowe and his fiancee -- yeah, can't believe that --
8:32 am
catherine guidice with millions tuning in. we're going to chat with the soon-to-be newlyweds in just a moment, but we want to reminisce, if we may, on their romance. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> ah, love was in the thailand air last march as bachelor sean lowe gave his heart and final rose to 27-year-old catherine guidice. >> i love you so much. >> oh, my god. >> the couple riding off into the sunset and beginning a whirlwind year from taking a spin on the "dancing with the stars" ballroom floor. >> hey, sean, how is it going? >> to giving the new bachelor some insider advice. >> do you have a strategy as far as kissing them? >> how many did you kiss? >> a lot. >> even announcing their big day plans on "gma." >> we have set a wedding date. >> oh. >> it's going to be here on abc live january 26th. >> the live wedding making them
8:33 am
the first ever bachelor in the show's 16 seasons to walk down the aisle. >> we want some traditional type of ceremony that just kind of unifies us and then have a big party afterwards. is this for real? >> it's for real. >> and if you thought this was their fairy tale ending, think again. their new chapter is just beginning. all right. so happy to have sean and catherine with us this morning to share all the details on their upcoming nuptials. come on in, sean and catherine. hi. >> hi. >> how are you? great to see you. congratulations. i can't believe it's here. >> i know. >> i feel like we've been a part of it from the beginning, very exciting. how are you both feeling? >> excited. anxious. >> ready. >> i wanted to get this over with, because there are certain things that the groom can't hear and i know you're willing to tell us as long as he doesn't
8:34 am
listen, so put these on and i'm not even going to tell you the question, so can you tell us about the dress? can you hear us? thumbs up, thumbs down? >> yes, he can hear. >> he just said -- >> that's a clue. >> i'm scared. i don't know. do you want to share or no? >> i think he doesn't want to hear, so he's not going to hear. >> okay, yeah. how is it? tell me. >> it's gorgeous. i mean, i've been feeling like kind of like -- >> sean? >> still? >> i just have always felt like a cute girl and like just trying to be fun and playful, but this time i'm really coming out as a woman and i want to wear something formfitting and sexy. >> your theme, grown and sexy. what does it mean? >> it's kind of an understated sexy. >> okay. you can take those off. >> thank you for having me. >> you didn't get too many details, but it sounds divine. grown sexy is the theme for the wedding. he's in on that. >> yes. >> the idea is that you're no longer cute. >> right. well, i mean we're definitely a fun, whimsical couple, which there are going to be elements
8:35 am
of that in the wedding, but grown sexy is kind of just, you know, it's very romantic and just a sexy day, but, yeah, there's definitely going to be the fun element. >> i'm so glad to see you both smiling, relaxed. i mean, you both know more than anybody, you're in the spotlight 24/7 when you're a part of this franchise that is so successful. juan pablo found out the perils of that this week. do you have any advice for him having -- you know, with everybody watching you, what would you say to him this week? >> i would just tell him to hang in there. i mean, i know what he said was unfortunate, and it can be tough, and the media can be pretty tough on someone who says comments like that, just hang in there, be strong, and i think he'll get through it. >> he'll get through it. i want to hear about the wedding from your perspective. who is going to cry first, sean? >> definitely me. i'm the softy. any time i start talking about her, i just -- i can't help but tear up. >> ah. >> it's sweet. >> i love it. i mean, you're the first
8:36 am
bachelor to do this, to -- are you comfortable with all of us watching? >> yeah. >> millions, they say. >> i know, i know and i'm not giving that really any consideration. i'm just in the day. i'm going to be focusing on her and watching her walk down the aisle in her dress, and we're kind of used to the cameras after all this anyway. >> i would say. >> honestly, i'm just going to be zeroed in on catherine. >> yeah. all right. so premarital pop quiz. are you down? are you into it? >> let's do it. >> yeah. >> what did you learn about each other during the wedding planning you didn't know before? >> whoo, she's a taskmaster. i mean, she had her list of things that she wanted to do and she knocked them out. >> all right. during the wedding -- we know that you're going to cry first. who chose the song for your first dance? >> i did. >> he did. >> you did and you'll show us your "dancing with the stars" move. >> yeah. >> we need to go. can you tell us the song? >> randy rogers' "one woman." >> we have a present for you. >> oh, good. >> before we go. a little basket from everybody here. thank you for sharing your love affair with us. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we wish you nothing but the best. >> thank you. that's very sweet.
8:37 am
>> glasses. and congratulations. >> thank you. >> as we talk we're -- about the wedding, we want you to tune in sunday night 8:00 eastern. "the bachelor," sean and catherine's wedding. very, very exciting. all right now though we're going to go back to ginger for a final check of the weather. >> hey there, lara. you know, so many people will enjoy this if they can bear the cold, of course, the fresh snow, but we wanted to show you so often the puppies enjoying it. look at it from this puppy's perspective. that's bella in maryland with a gopro on her head, and you kind of get to see how much fun she's having out in the yard right after all that fresh snow. they had 7 inches officially in baltimore and here's a look at some of the other numbers we came up. in new jersey, upwards of 15.8, philadelphia, 13.5 officially. here in central park, just short of a foot. boston, 4.2, and that was at the airport. some places downtown reporting 5 and a whole lot more in the cape but, look, this stagnant air in the pacific northwest, something we have not had much time to
8:38 am
talk about this week, but an air pollution issue, so if you are sensitive to that, watch out >> all right, this weather report brought to you by royal caribbean international. >> there you go. there you go, ginger. all right, coming up, melissa gilbert is with us. we have a look at her brand-new children's book, and she brought a little friend with her. i promise i won't steal. stay with us.
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8:41 am
♪ oh, come on. lease take a stroll down memory lane. who can forget the adorable melissa gilbert. she captured our hearts, little laura ingalls, "little house on the prairie." it lives on in reruns, dvds and our hearts and melissa gilbert with us now. a sweet children's book. it's called "daisy and josephine" about a young girl, her dad and a french bulldog. melissa, it is great to see you. there's josephine. >> this is the josephine who is part of the inspiration. >> what is she wearing? who is she wearing. >> she is actually wearing --
8:42 am
she has a stylist. i was on my own the entire trip. she has a stylist named melissa gamble at this is her ode to carrie bradshaw from "sex and the city." our rhinestone tie-top tennis shoes and a louis vuitton collar. she's set. >> 5 years old. >> 5 years old and stump a love and did a reading of the book yesterday for a bunch of children at a barnes & noble here in town and the kids were -- there were 180 of them all around her touching her and she was so happy. she is a little tired. they wore her out a little. she's a little yawny but had a great day. didn't have much time to explore the city. >> it's a little tough. >> especially with those shoes on. >> i live in michigan and i think the polar vortex is stalking me. >> you can take it back with you. >> i will gladly take it back.
8:43 am
>> a snowy winter wonderland. >> this book is so sweet and it's really about you and your dad, isn't it? >> it is about me and my dad and i wrote it -- i had gone through a divorce and i was dealing with my kids who were older and how to, you know, help them through it and i woke up one morning about 4:00 in the morning and i thought i need to write a book for children who don't have the conventional family that we think of because family is anything these days. and then i thought of my dad who we just showed a bunch of pictures of. he was an entertainer and grew up on the road with him before i started school. that's me and my dad. >> i know you lost him at a young age. >> when i was 11. the book is a real tribute to him and my teacher, the little girl, daisy in the book has a teacher whoa travels on the road with them. she is my teacher from the set on "little house." mrs. bradley who took me from fourth grade through my senior year and the book is about
8:44 am
overcoming shyness, a little awkward girl who doesn't know how to dress well and she doesn't have a mom and she's a little uncomfortable and shy and josephine comes into her life and in the end of the book she sings and comes out of her shell and in the book when the door is closed, josephine can walk and talk and she speaks a little bit of french too. >> oh, of course. >> which she's a french bulldog and she does that at home with me. i think. she does yawn a lot. >> because you are an actress. i thought maybe she would be too and we know that your father probably influenced you and since we're going down memory lane, we were able to find you in a commercial way back when. >> uh-oh. >> take a look, melissa. >> stand by, ted. you're on in two minutes. >> okay. >> dad, dad. >> sammy. >> my checkup, only one cavity d. >> that's great news, honey. >> how did you do it? >> i brush with crest now. >> i still use crest.
8:45 am
okay, maybe that'll get me some free press. you never know. >> you never know. >> that was before "little house on the prairie." i think i might have been 7 years old when i did that commercial. >> well, thank you for being you, for josephine and congratulations. i know you're married now. >> yes. >> and life is good. >> so good. so good and this book is just -- it's a dream come true for me and hopefully there will be more that follow. >> we'll have you back. >> i will gladly come back. >> and josephine will speak french when she comes back. oui, oui. >> bonjour. no wee-wee here. >> no, no. melissa, you are dear. you are dear. thank you for everything and coming up -- ellie goulding snapping a few pictures on our twitter mirror. cannot wait to have her perform her hit, "burn," come on back. >> one of my favorites. ♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
welcome back. singer/songwriter ellie goulding is here about to sing a song you'll forgive me burring up all the charts. probably haven't heard that at all from her latest album "halcyon" and has a special announcement to make for us. i want to talk about the tour kicking off march 12th. two sold out shows right down the way here in madison square garden. that is a way to start a headlining tour. >> i know it's madness. i still can't believe it. it hasn't sunk in yet. >> and i wanted the big announcement. you're not just going to be the musical voice in the new film upcoming but you have a new song on the soundtrack, as well. what's it like branching out like that? >> i have always wanted to do a film soundtrack and be involved with a film. not just provide songs but voice in the soundtrack as well and i got it it with an orchestra and it's been so much fun and excited about it. i've seen it and it's awesome. >> i do want to chat but it's
8:49 am
the good -- >> good jet lag. in a few hours i will be asleep. >> well then let's get to it her new song "it's "burn" already a top five it's shooting up. go, ellie. ♪ ♪ we we don't have to worry about nothing cause we got the fire ♪ ♪ and we're burning one hell of a something ♪ they they're going to see us from outer space outer space light it up ♪ ♪ like we're the stars of the human race human race ♪ ♪ when the lights turned down they don't know what they heard ♪ ♪ strike a match play it loud giving love to the world ♪ ♪ we'll be raising our hands shining up to the sky 'cause we got the fire fire fire ♪
8:50 am
♪ yeah we got the fire fire fire and we're going let it burn burn burn burn ♪ ♪ we're going to let it burn burn burn gonna let it burn burn burn joet ♪ we don't want to leave no. we just want to be right here right now and want to see is everybody on the floor acting crazy lurker to turn the lights out ♪ music's on i'm waking up we stop the vibe and we bunch it up and it's over now we got the love there's no secret now no secret now when the lights turned down ♪ they don't know what they heard strike a match play it loud giving love to the world ♪ ♪ we'll be raising our hands shining up to the sky cause we got the fire fire fire yeah we got the fire fire fire and we're going to let it burn burn burn
8:51 am
burn ♪ ♪ we're going to let it burn burn burke burn gonna let it burn burke burn ♪ when the lights turned down they don't know what they heard strike a match play it loud i having love to the world ♪ ♪ we gone that let it burn burn burn ♪ ♪ we can light it up up up so they can put it out out out ♪ ♪ we can light it up up up yes ♪ when the lights turned down they don't what they heard strike a match play it lout giving love to the world ♪ ♪ we'll be raising our hands shine it up to the sky ♪ ♪ cause we got the fire fire fire ♪ ♪ yeah we got the fire fire fire ♪
8:52 am
♪ and we're gonna let it burn burn burn burn ♪ ♪ we gonna let it burn burn burn gonna let it burn burn burn ♪ ♪ when the lights turned down they don't know what they heard ♪ ♪ strike a match play it loud giving love to the world ♪ ♪ we'll be raising our hands shining up to the sky ♪ ♪ 'cause we got the fire fire fire yeah we got the fire fire fire ♪ ♪ and we gonna let it burn [ applause ] >> "gma's" winter concert series is presented by big lots. surprising savings every aisle every day. ♪ gonna l
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8:55 am
>> that is tomorrow. our thanks today to ellie goulding. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
8:56 am
even the university of tennessee is very happy. >> kickoff here. do not miss our mega-makeover. "deals & steals," it's a thursday. >> yeah.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. governor brown deliver his state of the days address this morning expecting to highlight california's improving financial health. how about a weather picture. mike nicco is here. >> it's going to be skittish up in the forth bay with the mountains above 1,000 feet with high fire danger. then you can see why we're having mavericks. ten foot waves now but they'll be bigger than 20 come tomorrow. near record highs and dry. >> mike, chp is keeping the sig alert in lieu kas valley. one lane is blocked.
9:00 am
a car hit a pole. we have an overturned vehicle in announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "gimme shelter," rosario dawson. and one of the stars of that "that awkward moment," michael b. jordan. and heart healthy tips as we continue our "kick start the new year" series. and a special announcement that could put you on the red carpet at this year's oscars. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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